Steliyan Petkov

Steliyan Petkov

Steliyan Petkov

Co-founder & Certified Cybersecurity Expert

Steliyan Petkov is an Information Security Expert with valuable experience gained across the highly regulated FinTech and Pharmaceuticals Industries, which the customers of WiserSec can rely on.


Steliyan's background, in a combination with a good practical understanding of IT system configuration, administration, and reporting – ensures a more companywide and holistic approach to cybersecurity issues and threats. As part of WiserSec’s team in his role as an Information Security professional he focuses on assessing and evaluating risks and that leads to the development and enhancement of Information Security Strategies for managing vulnerabilities and mitigating risk-reducing or eliminating the potential threat levels for clients.

Steliyan’s knowledge and experience also enable him to bring additional value for WiserSec's clients by working alongside them in evaluating and approving 3rd party security solutions and manage their deployment, including training client teams, maximizing benefit, and ensuring compliance with regulations and protocols. Aside from extensive experience, Steliyan Petkov holds CISM, CISSP, and CDPSE Certifications, further proof of his unique abilities as part of WiserSec's team.

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