You can rely on our vCISO team to build, execute, and maintain security programs that will be tailor-made for your organisation.

We start from scratch
to create custom security programs for you

Our team of highly trained experts will ensure a smooth implementation with cutting-edge technology solutions.

And more, we at WiserSec rely on a development methodology with a significant track record that will improve the cybersecurity of your organisation.

I.Elements of the foundation

The pillars of the modern-day cybersecurity program.


This is the base of the security program for your organisation. Established on defined frameworks and laws (NIST, ISO, HIPAA, etc.)


You should be aware of the roles and responsibilities that your security program has and how they affect the other aspects of your business and processes.


Set up the bar for security for your company at the highest possible standard. These are broad statements that the security program you have is going to achieve.


This is the step-by-step process that starts from the policy you have and needs implementation to fulfill a policy statement.

II.Technical components

With the base of the security program, these are the pillars that will set up the technical environment – security for everything. From your serves, through the firewalls, and to your devices.

Security Architecture

Know well what assets you have in your technical environment and ensure that reliable safeguards are set up.

Vulnerability Management

Explore and interact with your technical environment to discover any vulnerable places and take measures to remove them before it is too late.

Technical Configuration

Every piece of software, or hardware device will have a configuration in line with the standards set in the documentation of your organisation.

III.Managed services

Once everything is set in place, our team of experts will perform ongoing and specifically scheduled processes, both designed for each of the programs that have been developed. Our managed services work through outsourced models and process performance. In that way, you can have the benefit of a CISO or security leader with a strategic vision.

Ongoing Tasks

Any tasks related to the operational needs of your security program are carried out by our team.

Scheduled Tasks

We make and carry out a schedule for periodical tasks (once per year, per quarter, or every month) like pen testing and risk assessments from third parties.

Virtual CISO

We will provide you with a virtual security leader that will manage and support the direction of the security program for your organisation and share his strategic vision.

BoD Reporting

We provide reports – Cybersecurity Exprosure Statuses with a full description of our efforts to the decision markers on regular basis – each month or each quarter.


Tailor-made service

with the flexibility in response time for the needs of the client;

Stellar track-record and methodology

Stellar track-record and methodology for security checking, analyses, and reporting;


Economic efficiency and resource optimization


Combination of independent knowledgable experts who research, analyze and understand hackers’ behavior.

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