UK Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-endorsed standard created to guide and support businesses of all sizes to reduce their cybersecurity risk and demonstrate a commitment to the protection of personal information relating to staff, customers, partners, stakeholders, and investors.

Cyber Essentials covers common cybersecurity threats like malware infections, social engineering attacks, and hacking. Part of it is an annually verified assessment of key security controls that give organisations the tools and skills to defend themselves and be secure against common attack vectors that aim at enterprise-level and corporate IT systems.

Key assets protection

By highlighting common weak spots that are related to affecting assets including firewalls, systems, websites, and software applications, the UK Cyber Essentials scheme helps businesses reduce their information security risk.

Verified accreditation

Our team can give you independent verification of key security controls and showcase the effectiveness of systems, people, and processes in the defense against a wide range of cyberattacks

Enhanced reputation

You will show and assure customers, partners, and investors that cybersecurity is taken seriously in your company. This is an asset today and improves the image of the orgainisaton. It can be turned into a key competitive advantage for your business.

Eligibility for public sector contracts

Cyber Essentials certification is mandatory for any business interested in bidding for a central government contract that involves the handling of sensitive or personal information.


Tailor-made service

with the flexibility in response time for the needs of the client;

Stellar track-record and methodology

Stellar track-record and methodology for security checking, analyses, and reporting;


Economic efficiency and resource optimization


Combination of independent knowledgable experts who research, analyze and understand hackers’ behavior.

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