Security Operations Center Services (SOC Services)

Cybersecurity is growing and businesses and organisations worldwide are being more aware of its importance. Investments in cybersecurity measures have become a necessity that has to be met.

To address those needs, WiserSec introduces the Security Operations Center (SOC) Services that can be the solution your entity needs. To ensure your daily operations, and eliminate the need to establish an internal security operations center yourself, WiserSec can help you integrate a fully functional and ready to use cybersecurity team at a fraction of the time you would be looking for talent.

What are Security Operations Center Services?

You can consider the SOC services as the headquarters of your cybersecurity strategy. It functions as the hub for all cybersecurity-related processes for your organisation.

While many companies don’t have the resources needed to maintain such a team, there is the option to rely on external experienced and expert support that can help you and provide you with high-quality security operations center services that are tailor-made to your needs.

It is responsible for the monitoring and improvement of all of your company’s infrastructure and information-security assets and providing remediation responses when needed. There are two main functions of the security operations center – monitoring and remediation response.


As part of the SOC services, the monitoring process covers various aspects of the organisations, its assets, and operations. It can be focused on:

  • Detecting potential threats and acting before they occur and increase the overall level of security of your network, systems, and infrastructure;
  • Monitoring the login process from different sources and establishing a secure system for it, depending on the needs of the company (helps with compliance requirements as well);
  • Monitoring and data protection of your devices and network.

Remediation response

You should have a response plan for any potential crisis related to your organisation. You have a fire escape plan, right? It is the same when it comes to cybersecurity. There will be a lot of incidents that will require a timely reaction. This is where the remediation response comes in as part of the SOC services.

We will work together with your staff to have a planned response to various cyber attacks and incidents that may occur. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in handling such situations. This will lead to reduced risk for your orgaisation, better response time, and processes.

With our services, you can benefit from the experience of our team that will act on your behalf in dealing with any cyber threats swiftly and promptly. Additional benefits are less operational costs and avoiding financial losses and reputational damage for your business.


Tailor-made service

with the flexibility in response time for the needs of the client;

Stellar track-record and methodology

Stellar track-record and methodology for security checking, analyses, and reporting;


Economic efficiency and resource optimization


Combination of independent knowledgable experts who research, analyze and understand hackers’ behavior.

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