Why work with WiserSec?

Maintaining the cybersecurity of your business is what we do best. In this digital age, we deliver relevant knowledge, tailored to your business and industry to ensure protection and bullletproof your assets.

“We are aware how crucial it is to protect the online environment of every organisation. Our main goal is centered around the creation of cyber and information security control frameworks, infrastructure and vulnerability management solutions.”

Our methods have proven to reduce the time needed to access, identify and implement the most suitable cybersecurity technologies and methodologies for migrating and eliminating the risk for our clients across various industries. This approach is also applied to ensure that they comply with all regulations at hand and optimize their investments in cybersecurity. 

Services designed to enahnce the cybersecurity of your company

Our team of experts will ensure your safety
Our team will guide you with a tailor-made approach
We handle swiftly any situation and issue
We are known as a trusted service security provider
We will propose relevant practical solutions
We provide flexible and cost-effective solutions
Our methods are based on collaboration and partnership
We function as a boutique company with a personal touch

We are your shield against cyber attacks

Information Security Compliance Consultancy

We support clients in facing the challenges of the complex and changing compliance regulations and legislative requirements. Our team can ensure the swift implementation of all security requirements you have to adopt. 

Information Security Governance

We offer you with tailor-made definition and management of holistic Information Security Strategies, that is in line with the customer’s business strategies and goals.

Managed Information Security Services

We evaluate the most vulnerable aspects of the infrastructure of your organisation by applying regular threat management and offer relevant data protection measures with swift actions. We are also conducting continuous staff training.

Information Security Testing

We offer Penetration testing services designed to find vulnerable places in the clients’ infrastructure, websites, mobile apps, integrations and other systems.

Our way to cybersecurity

Protecting and caring for your business as if it’s our own.